Getting planning permission in Bath

If you are looking to do some major building work you might need to apply for planning permission in Bath, generally you will need planning permission if you are:

  • Building something new
  • Making changes to your building such as building an extension
  • Changing your building for a different use

There are some handy online guides for planning permission and permitted development regimes for common projects such as conservatories, extensions, loft conversions, outbuildings and porches online which can be found here.

Also remember that your property may be subject to some planning constraints and the BANES council website has a handy function to search for this.

If you have decided that you are ready to apply for planning permission and that your project requires it, you can apply online for planing permission for your property. The online Planning Portal is the best way to do this, and can be used for planning in Bath and all surrounding areas. You may also want to seek pre-application advice from BANES to identify any problems you might encounter prior to doing your formal submission.

Your formal application will be made up of:

  • Plans of the site it relates to
  • Any supporting documentation
  • A planning permission form
  • An application fee

The planning portal clearly explains exactly what supporting documents you might need depending on your property renovation project. Depending on what you are doing will depend on what you might need and naturally bigger projects may require more information. Once you have submitted these documents through the Planning Portal your application will then automatically be sent to BANES council for a decision.

When beginning a project you must consider whether the development will need to have building regulations approval also. Building Regulations are concerned with the actual construction process for both internal and external alterations, which involves regular site inspections whilst the works are in progress. There are some types of work which will be exempt from the building regulations and an application will not be necessary. If you do need it, you can also apply for this on the Planning Portal.

Once your planning permission has been submitted, it will be considered by the council. Planning Services state they aim to decide on applications within 8 weeks of receiving it providing all the information is correct and there however large or complex applications could take longer.

Once you have your planning permission, you are ready to start your home renovation project with your trusted building partner! The Ugly Duckling Building Company can provide you with a free no obligation quote for your work, just drop us an email or call us to discuss.

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