First steps of planning a building project

You home is likely to be one of your biggest assets, and undertaking any work should be well thought out and planned to ensure you get the best results possible. But where do you start when planning a building or property renovation project?

Here are what we see as the first essential steps to get your started:

Put together a budget – One of the first things to think about is how much money you have to spend on your building project. This will vary hugely depending on exactly what it is you are doing and what you want. For example the cost for a new bathroom could start at around £3k but depending on the specification of your suite, it could go a lot higher. Although it is important to get your work done in the most cost efficient way possible, also be realistic and think about the full picture and what it will entail. By setting a budget this will ensure you don’t get carried away adding extras that are beyond your original project scope.

Get a range a quotations to ensure you get the best price – we would recommend that you get at least 3 quotations from reputable builders or building companies for your project. Be very clear about the work you want done, this will help you get the most accurate price. Get your quotes in writing so you can compare them together and ensure they are like for like. A quote should include:

  • a fixed total price for the project
  • a breakdown of all the work to be done
  • costs for materials needed
  • how long the quote is valid for
  • the amount of VAT
  • when the price may go up, eg only if you agree to extra work

Put together a timeline  – You may have a deadline in mind for your project, if this is the case, ensure that this is realistic and that when you are getting quotes from builders, they are aware of your deadline and they are able to work towards this. Having a timeline in place also helps for you to plan your life around it and ensure it leads to the least disruption possible.

Check what regulations need to be adhered to – not all projects require planning permission or building control input, however if they do it is important that you check this before starting your project. You can go on the BANES website for plenty of useful information about the application process. Other areas that are regulated that that you may need to bear in mind are gas safe installations and electrical compliance.

Consult the professionals – As part of your project you might need to speak with a range of professionals including architects, structural engineers and builders. Speak with them before starting your project to ensure your vision is practical and doable. You should also make sure those that are speaking to are credible, check their feedback and gain a testimonial from a previous client if possible. Some tradesman will have to be registered with their trade bodies such as electricians and plumbers dealing with gas installations, so ensure they have these certifications.

Prepare the property for building work – Once you have your quotes, have chosen the professionals that are going to undertake the work, and have applied for all relevant permissions, the last step before your project starts is to prepare your house for the work. Building can be a messy job so clear the area from all furniture and valuables. Ensure the building team has access to the property so that they can start the work in a timely manner and of course be on hand regularly to check the progress.

The Ugly Duckling Building Company are happy to help every step of the way. We know that planing a building project can be stressful, so we work closely with our clients to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. For a free no obligation quote or to chat to somebody about what you would like to achieve, get in touch with us today.

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