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Do I need planning permission for a garden room in Bath?  

Garden rooms have become a popular addition to properties in Bath and surrounding areas, offering versatile space for various purposes. Whether you’re considering a tranquil home office, a fitness studio, or an entertainment hub, the idea of having a garden room is becoming more appealing. However, before you jump into this exciting project, there’s a crucial question to address: Do you need planning permission for a garden room? You’ll be pleased to know that for most garden rooms, it won’t be necessary but there are a couple of criteria to consider.
Understanding Permitted Development Rights 
In the UK, planning permission rules for garden rooms fall under what’s known as Permitted Development Rights. These rights allow you to undertake certain types of development without the need for formal planning permission. However, there are specific criteria that must be met to qualify for these rights. 
Size Matters 
The size of your garden room plays a significant role in determining whether you need planning permission. To qualify for Permitted Development Rights, your garden room: 
1. Shouldn’t cover more than 50% of the total area of land (garden) around the “original house.” The term “original house” refers to the property as it was first built or as it stood on July 1, 1948 (for houses built before that date) or October 1, 1968 (for houses built after that date). 
2. Shouldn’t exceed a maximum height of 2.5 meters (one story) if it’s within 2 meters of the property boundary. 
This will cover the majority for garden rooms, however for garden rooms that don’t meet these criteria, you may need to apply for planning permission. 
Intended Use 
The intended use of the garden room also affects whether you need planning permission. If you’re planning to use it as additional living space, like a home office or a gym, it’s more likely to qualify for Permitted Development Rights. However, if you’re considering using it as a separate dwelling or for commercial purposes, different rules may apply. 
Considerations for Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas 
If your property is a listed building or located within a conservation area, the rules regarding garden room development can be stricter. In such cases, you might need to seek planning permission regardless of the size and purpose of the garden room. 
Seeking Professional Advice 
The regulations surrounding garden room planning permission can be complex and subject to change. It’s highly recommended to seek advice from your local planning authority or a professional builder in Bath before proceeding with your garden room project. They can provide tailored guidance based on your property’s specifics and the most up-to-date regulations. You can also read our blog on applying for planning permission in Bath.
If you are thinking about creating a garden room get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, we’d be happy to help you come up with ideas, talk about appropriate finishes and provide a quote.  

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