Listed building renovations

We are a specialist listed building builder. A listed building is a building or structure which is considered to be of ‘special architectural or historic interest’. Grade I listed buildings and Grade II listed buildings are very common in Bath and surrounding areas. Infact Bath and North East Somerset has one of the highest concentrations in the country. According to the BANES website:

“Listed buildings are graded to show their relative national importance. The three grades are I, II* and II. Grade I are buildings of exceptional interest (nationally only about 2% of listed buildings are in this grade) Bath & North East Somerset has 662 Grade I listed buildings.

Grade II* are particularly important buildings of more than special interest (only about 4% of listed buildings) Bath & North East Somerset has 145 Grade II* listed buildings.

Grade II are buildings of special interest, which warrant every effort being made to preserve them (94% of listed buildings) Bath & North East Somerset has 5,585 Grade II listed buildings.”

If you have a listed building and would like to renovate aspects of it we can help. At The Ugly Duckling Building Company, having worked on many listed buildings we ensure that we following Historic Building Regulations are happy to provide advice where needed. This includes advising on where consent is required for changes, and using appropriate building materials, craftsmanship and techniques.

How much does it cost to renovate a listed building? If you are looking for a specialist listed building builder Get in touch today to discuss your listed building renovation ideas and we can provide a free quote.