Garden rooms

We are a specialist garden room builder in Bath. Garden rooms and garden offices are a brilliant way to improve your home and add additional living space to your property. Whether you are looking to add space for a gym, office, studio or entertainment, a garden room can help you achieve this.

We are here to help you with garden room ideas, from what type of materials is best to the most effective layout to make the most of your space.

We also specialise in insulated garden rooms so you can use your space all year round.

Do garden rooms need planning permission? There are some exceptions, however majority of garden rooms will not require planning permission providing they are one-floor, no bigger than 10x10m and do not take up more than one half of the total space in your garden. It is always worth visiting your local planning website for more guidance and to check based on your garden room ideas.

How much does a garden room or garden office cost? Get in touch today to discuss your garden room builder ideas and we can provide a free quote.