Airbnb and rental renovations

Bath is listed as one of the most profitable Airbnb rental destinations in the UK, and it’s no wonder with it’s Roman tourist attractions, Jane Austen legacy, and world-famous thermal pool.

The demand for short term lets is very high in Airbnb but with it comes high expectations and a competitive market, meaning it is important to make your Airbnb or holiday let stand out from the crowd to ensure your property attracts more guests.

At the Ugly Duckling Building company, we have a specialist team that can help you renovate your existing or new Airbnb or holiday let to help you gain more bookings. From full property renovations, creation of open plan living spaces or refurbishing kitchens and bathrooms. We can also help make suggestions on what type of floorings, worktops and furnishings are best placed for a rental property and are easy to maintain.

How much does an Airbnb renovation cost? Get in touch today to discuss your Airbnb renovation ideas and we can provide a free quote.